Bachelor of Business Administration & Master of Business Administration


Academic Department

The Management major gives students a diversified business background without an extensive concentration in any single field. Students interested in pursuing careers with corporations or governmental entities or in operating their own businesses are provided exposure to a range of business disciplines. The program provides flexibility by permitting advanced work in at least three of the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Decision and information sciences
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Leadership Studies
  • Management
  • Marketing

General Business Requirements

Choose 18 credit hours of business related electives. Must select from at least three of the six areas, with the number of credits in any one area not to exceed the stated limits.

  • Accounting (6 credit hours maximum):
  • Economics (3 credit hours maximum):
  • Finance (6 credit hours maximum):
  • Marketing (6 credit hours maximum):
  • Management (6 credit hours maximum):
  • Decision and Information Sciences (3 credit hours maximum):
  • Business-related non-Cameron school courses, with advisor approval (3 credit hours maximum):
Sub-Total Credits

MBA Elective Courses

Students in the BBA/MBA must take three courses from a range of general business electives that interest the student. Students will earn a general MBA without an area of concentration.

Sub-Total Credits
Total Credits