MGMT 4399: Senior Seminar

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Credits 3
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This is a capstone course in business designed to integrate concepts and knowledge from a broad range of core business skills, and to explore contemporary social and economic issues influencing the business environment. The course emphasizes strategic thinking and group-based work and requires students demonstrate their capacity to execute in actual or simulated business situations. This seminar course requires significant group work; therefore, students should be prepared to participate in multiple out-of-class meetings, in addition to the regularly scheduled class sessions. Prerequisites: Senior standing, DEIS 4333, MKTG 3343, MGMT 2347, MGMT 3320, MGMT 3390, MGMT 4331 FINA 3339.
MGMT 4399 Prerequisites: Senior Standing; MGMT 3320, DEIS 4333, MGMT 3390, MGMT 4331, MGMT 2347, FINA 3339, and MKTG 3343.