Bachelor of Science in Nursing


The Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing track for students earning the first university degree at the University of St. Thomas is a four–year academic program, including one required summer semester, which will prepare graduates for initial RN licensure and entry into professional nursing practice. The program incorporates the University of St. Thomas core curriculum and specific pre–nursing courses, which are addressed in the first two academic years, and courses in the nursing major, which are concentrated in the junior and senior years. The upper–division sequence of nursing major courses is offered beginning in the fall term of the junior year. The curriculum and degree requirements are built on a holistic nursing philosophy and conceptual framework. The Accelerated Second Degree BSN track, designed for applicants who have an earned baccalaureate degree, is based on the school’s holistic nursing philosophy and conceptual framework and prepares graduates to complete the BSN curriculum and achieve program outcomes in an accelerated 12 month timeframe.


  1. Create a program based on a holistic nursing framework that contributes to the mission of UST as a Catholic liberal arts university dedicated to the education of leaders of faith and character.
  2. Prepare highly qualified graduates for careers in nursing.
  3. Enhance the diversity of the nursing workforce in Houston, Texas and the nation with graduates who are prepared to practice nursing as a professional discipline and a healing ministry.

The UST core curriculum goals reflect the knowledge, skills and attitudes associated with a classical liberal arts education and are highly congruent with the standards for professional nursing education articulated in the AACN Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice (2008), the Texas Board of Nursing Differentiated Essential Competencies (2010) and the Institute of Medicine Core Competencies (2005). The PSON BSN Program Goals are to prepare graduates to achieve entry–level competency for the transition into professional nursing practice as a provider of safe, high quality patient– centered care, an effective member of the health care team and member of the nursing profession whose practice reflects an understanding of nursing as a healing ministry. In order to meet those program goals, students are expected to meet the learning outcomes listed in the appropriate section upon graduation.


Freshman Students

Students applying to the University as a freshman can note the major of Nursing on their UST application. This will allow students to enroll in courses necessary for prerequisites to complete. This will also reserve a spot in our School of Nursing program for the student. Below are requirements after the freshman year that must be completed to transition to the BSN program:

  • 3.0 overall high-school GPA on a 4.0 system
  • Successful completion of BIOL 2445 (A&P I) and BIOL 2446 (A&P II) with C or higher
  • Completion of HESI A2 exam at the end of the spring semester.
  • All pre–nursing courses, NURS 2343 Patho-Pharm I, NURS 2344 Patho-Pharm II, NURS 2342 Health Assessment, prior to the beginning of the upper–division nursing sequence of courses.

These students should work closely with the Nursing Success Center if they have any questions.

Transfer Students

Student applying to enter the School of Nursing, BSN Program as a transfer must complete UST application online ( All official documents and test scores must be addressed to the UST admissions office ( A strong candidate will have at minimum the following components:

  • Completion of A&P I and A&P II courses.
  • Grades of A or B in all attempts of pre-nursing/science courses.
  • Grade B or higher in math courses.
  • Submission of a well-written, compelling essay which answers the required questions and required formatting and demonstrates the student’s passion for nursing as a career and vocation.
  • HESI score of 80 or higher in the following sections: Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary, Math, and Anatomy and Physiology.

Once file is complete, students will be reviewed on the following deadlines: March 1, April 1, and June 1.

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

The following overall requirements are needed in order to earn a bachelor's degree. For a full explanation of the requirements, please see policy A.04.01.

  • Completion of the core curriculum. Specific core plan is dependent upon accepted transfer credit, major, and Honor's Program participation. 
  • Successful completion of at least 120 credit hours, with the final 36 hours taken in Residence at UST. Total credits listed on the page only reflect the major. 
  • Completion of a major.
  • Completion of 36 upper-division credit hours.
  • A cumulative grade point average (GPA) above 2.0
  • A cumulative GPA above 2.0 in your major
  • Freshman Symposium is a one-credit hour, mandatory course exclusively for first-year students at the University of St. Thomas, introducing them to the UST mission and the Basilian Fathers’ core values of goodness, discipline, and knowledge. Freshmen register for it during the Freshmen Registration/Orientation events and can choose a class that aligns with their interests, with course descriptions provided in advance.

Pre-Nursing Course Requirements

Complete all of the following courses.

Item #
Sub-Total Credits
Total Credits