INST 4367: U. S. Security Policy and Strategy

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This seminar examines the challenges that the United States confronts in international affairs in the first decades of the twenty–first century; will analyze the foreign and national security policies the country pursues to meet these challenges; and will evaluate the strategies it deploys to implement those policies. The course will place these themes in their historical context. Among the subjects explored are nature of power and the uses of diplomacy in the contemporary world; United States’ diplomatic, foreign policy, and national security traditions; the National Security Strategy of the United States; the utility of the concepts of sovereignty, hegemony, and the balance of power; the impact of globalization and anti–Americanism on U.S. policy and strategy; and the U.S. approach to failed states, transnational threats, democracy promotion, and conflict termination. Prerequisite: 60+ credit hours
INST 4367 Prerequisite: 60+ Hours