THEO 1301: Intro to the Sacred Scriptures

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Credits 3
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Introduction to contemporary biblical studies, including: 1) the Catholic approach to scripture in light of Dei Verbum (e.g., inspiration, revelation, canon, hermeneutical principles and methods of critical analysis, relationships of Old and New Testaments); 2) a survey of the Old Testament in its historical setting, with emphasis on major themes (e.g., covenant, exile, Davidic dynasty, wisdom literature, and messianic prophecies); and 3) a survey of the New Testament in its historical setting (e.g., Christianity’s Jewish and Hellenistic roots, gospel formation, the gospels, Acts, letters, Revelation). NOTE: Students who transfer with 60 or more credit hours and who have successfully completed THEO 1300 or 3300 may enroll in THEO 3310, completing junior–level requirements and receiving upper–division credit. Fall, Spring.
THEO 1301 Prerequisite: PHIL 1311 or 1315/3315