POSC 4380: Global Conflict Resolution

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Credits 3
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This course begins with the premise that conflict is a part of everyday life that spans across every inch of the globe and is found in all careers and relationships, so it is designed to be a practical course that provides a comprehensive overview of conflict resolution from a micro (person-to-person) to a global perspective. This course reviews the theoretical components while exploring conflict within different contexts, including intergroup, interpersonal, cross-cultural, legal, and international, by analyzing select global conflicts and learning to identify its primary and secondary participants. This course introduces positive conflict management skills, including active listening, communication skills, principled negotiation, facilitation, and peacekeeping skills. This skill-based course will explore how these variables and behavioral attributes have, and can, influence global conflicts through escalation and de-escalation. Upon completion of this course and attendance in class for at least 40 hours, as designated by Texas State Statute, graduate and undergraduate students will be able to mediate globally with their basic mediation certificate.
POSC 4380 Prerequisites: Junior Standing.
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