POSC 4379: Cyber Warfare

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Credits 3
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This course overviews the growth and scope of cyber warfare and its impacts on national power in the domains of government, diplomacy, international law, international commerce/economic power, social media/privacy, science/technology, and civil society. It traces the evolution of conflict from traditional information gathering to the development of cyber weaponry with destructive capabilities and the use of those capabilities to advance national foreign policy interests. Through the use of case studies and selective readings from a variety of sources (government policy directives, cyber security industry studies, and defense related academic papers), the course guides students through the emergent quality of the broadening scope of cyber conflict and the multifaceted response to the challenge. Ultimately, students are confronted with the impact of the ongoing threat as they interface with cyberspace in their day-to-day interactions. The goal is for a deeper understanding of the scope and complexity of the cyber domain and the global conflict that is raging out of view.
POSC 4379 Prerequisites: Junior Standing
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