PHIL 5359: Philosophical Latin

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Credits 3
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The objective of this course is to produce facility in reading medieval, philosophical Latin, and in particular the Latin of Thomas Aquinas. Every student in the Center must take this course unless granted a waiver by the Director of the Center for Thomistic Studies. The course must be taken in one semester during the first year of graduate study. The format and content of the course will be set by the faculty member who is responsible for teaching the course that year. It will be taught as part of the regular course load by a member of the Center faculty or another person competent to teach the course. The grade in the course will be determined by the outcome of the Latin test, with grades determined in the following way: Pass at the MA level = “A-”. Pass at the PhD level = “A”. No grade will be given for the course until the Latin test is passed at one of these two levels. For an entering student who passes the Latin exam at the PhD level this course is waived.