Graduate Transfer Credit

In accordance with national practices, a maximum of six (6) graduate semester credit hours will be accepted in transfer from accredited universities towards most of the graduate degrees at the University of St. Thomas, provided that the grade in each course is B or higher. The only exceptions are the EdD and MSCMHC degrees which allow up to 12 hours of transfer credit hours, on a case by case basis. (See sections on School and program-specific transfer credit policies as certain exceptions may apply.) Transfer courses must be equivalent in content and credit hours to the University’s listed curriculum requirements. Students wishing to receive transfer credit from foreign institutions must submit translated copies of syllabi. Students who are currently enrolled and wish to enroll in a class at another university for transfer credit at UST must obtain prior approval from the director of the program in which they are enrolled.

The University may exempt a student from certain core courses with substitution in order to avoid duplication of content and to permit the student to broaden his or her educational background by taking an alternative course. Such course exemptions are considered on the basis of an appropriate group of closely-related college level courses completed with a grade of B or higher. If you are exempted from a course or if courses are accepted in transfer, it will be noted on your plan of study as Substitution (S) or Transfer (T), respectively.

However, students who already hold a graduate degree from the University of St. Thomas may be required to completeas few as 24 hours to obtain a master’s degree. The specific number of hours required will depend upon the specific courses completed in the prior graduate program and the specific requirements of the second degree (between 24 and 60 hours).