GCSE 4302: Cyber Ethics and the State

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The course will examine the impact on human society of the rapid evolution of digital surveillance tools, artificial intelligence, internet of things, and the increase of computing power. It asks the question of whether technology should drive the course of human progress or will society engage in a value laden conversation about role of human agency in that process. Further, we will bring the question of ethics into an environment that seems to operate under its own imperative. As we are told that at some point computers and smart machines empowered through artificial intelligence will achieve self-awareness. We will look at the institutions necessary for establishing the foundations of an open dialog to determine the appropriate role for these technologies in society. The course will engage students in a debate as to whether or not we can build a technological future based on an ethical framework and if so, how we are to go about it.
GCSE 4302 Prerequisites: GCSE 1351, INST 1351
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