CHEM 1342: General Chemistry II

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Credits 3
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Fundamental laws and concepts are presented and studied qualitatively and quantitatively. Topics include atomic theory and molecular structure; states of matter; physical and chemical equilibria; kinetics; electrochemistry; elementary inorganic, organic and nuclear chemistry. Concurrent requisites CHEM 1341: CHEM 1141, CHEM 1041R (recitation); Prerequisite: for CHEM 1341: “C” or better in high school chemistry or permission of faculty member. Concurrent requisites CHEM 1342: CHEM 1142, CHEM 1042R (recitation). Prerequisite:for CHEM 1342: CHEM 1341 or permission of instructor. 1041R, 1042R–General Chemistry Recitation Each lecture section has a required, concurrent recitation section, i.e., CHEM 1341A requires CHEM 1041RA. No credit, no charge.
CHEM 1342 Prerequisite (C or better): CHEM 1341/1141. Corequisite: CHEM 1142