CHEM 1102: Quantitative Reasoning for Chemistry Scholars

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The Quantitative Reasoning for Chemistry Scholars course will cover relevant quantitative concepts and problem-solving strategies for General Chemistry I (CHEM 1341). This course focuses on the application of those concepts which are discussed in CHEM 1341 lecture. The course involves developing speed, accuracy and proficiency with the following quantitative skills: Basic arithmetic operations, calculations with exponents, decimals and the metric system, basic algebraic manipulations, dimensional analysis, conversions, significant figures, word problems, quantitative relationships in the periodic table, chemical nomenclature, balancing equations, stoichiometry, and concentrations. All MSEIP Scholars are required to enroll in this course. However, non-MSEIP Scholars must receive instructor approval to enroll. This is a Pass/Fail course.
CHEM 1102 Corequisite: CHEM 1341. Must be MSEIP Scholar or have permission to enroll.
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