YSD 9331: Christian Allegory in the Fiction of C. S. Lewis

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Credits 3
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C. S. Lewis has been described as the pre-eminent Christian apologist of the twentienth century and his voluminous theological output clearly attests to this. However, in addition to his overtly thelogical works such as "Reflections of the Psalms" and "The Four Loves", to name just two, Lewis also produced some of the most interesting and engaging works of fiction from the standpoint of Christian allegory. This class will examine a small collection of Lewis' works of fiction, including "The Screwtape Letters", "The Great Divorce", "The Space Trilogy" and, of course, "The Chronicles of Narnia". Central to our investigation will be the various depictions of creation, heaven and the role of sin in the world as witnessed in these and other works of Lewis. In addition, the various characters who act as a stand in ofr Christ in Lewis' works (Asian and Prof. Ransom to name the most prevalent) will also be discussed in detail. All lovers of Lewis and untamed lions are encouraged to enroll.