Weapons Policy

The University strictly prohibits the use, sale, manufacture, distribution, purchase, transfer, receipt or possession of weapons by students on the Universitys campus; any grounds or buildings on which an activity sponsored by the University is being conducted; and in any passenger transportation vehicle owned or leased by the University.

The following is also prohibited:

  • Use, sale, manufacture, distribution, purchase, transfer, receipt, or possession of weapons  while  attending  classes,  and/or  while  entering  or  being  physically present on the University’s premises, including residence halls-
  • Students from entering University premises or reporting for class while in possession of weapons.

Weapons include firearms, knives with a blade longer than three inches (with the exception of knives designed for food preparation, used in a cooking area), explosive materials, or any other object that could be used to harass, intimidate, or injure another individual, student, faculty or non-faculty member, volunteer, manager, or supervisor.

The University reserves the right, with cause, to conduct searches and inspections of students and/or their personal effects, lockers, desks, and/or other containers located on University premises. This includes University vehicles wherever located. Entry onto University premises or attendance at an activity sponsored by the University constitutes consent to such searches or inspections. The purposes of such searches or inspections under this policy are to determine whether any student is in possession of weapons.

Searches will be conducted by authorized law enforcement officers. Authorizations may come from the Chief of Police, the President or the respective Vice President or their designees, or by a certified law enforcement officer in instances of clear and present imminent danger.

A student’s refusal to submit to such searches may result in disciplinary action that can include any of the full range of sanctions as cited in the Code of Student Conduct, including suspension or expulsion.