University Scholarships, Awards and Grants

Many University scholarships are funded through the generosity of numerous donors and benefactors:

Basilian Fathers Memorial Scholarship Ben C. Belt Memorial Scholarship Joseph M. Block Scholarship

Albert H. and Kathleen Braden Endowed Grant Patricia Ann Brennan Memorial Scholarship

The Brown Foundation, Inc., Multicultural Scholarship

D.E. Harvey Builders Endowed Scholarship Charlotte Cameron Endowed General Scholarship Jane Marie Colvin Scholarship

George W. Cottingham Scholarship Cullen General Endowed Scholarship Harry Edwin Davis Scholarship

P.C. and Josephine Del Barto Scholarship Rev. James J. Dempsey Memorial Scholarship Thomas J. Donahue Endowed Scholarship Robert P.Doherty Scholarship

Margaret and Francis J. Donaghue Scholarship Earthman Family Endowed Scholarship Mildred K. Fisher Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Charles and Natalie Loehr Gallagher Scholarship Anna Gutkowski Memorial Award

Cecil R. Haden Scholarship

Chester P. Hawkins and Ethel J. Hawkins Christian Endowed General Scholarship William Randolph Hearst Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students

John and Jeanette F. Hemmer Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Highams Scholarship

Edward Leslie and Mamie Hogan Memorial Scholarship Holy Family Endowed Parish Scholarship

A. R. Johnson Scholarship

Frederick M. and Marguerite G. Johnston Endowed Memorial Scholarship Wayne A. Kaffenberger Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Otto and Velma I. Karnaky Endowed Memorial Scholarship Susan Karnaky Endowed Scholarship

Annette and Charles J. Koenig, Sr., Scholarship Luke P. Lyons Scholarship

Bishop John E. McCarthy Scholarship Eugene F. and Felice Malloy Scholarship Frances Miller Endowed Scholarships

Catherine P. and William H. Newton Endowed Scholarship James M. Pankey Scholarship

Joseph F. Reilly, Sr., Memorial Scholarship Mary T. Reiniger Scholarship

The Strudler Family Endowed Scholarship

St. John Vianney Endowed Parish Scholarship St. Thomas High School Memorial Scholarship Scanlan Foundation Scholarship

Pamela Hubert Schisser Memorial Scholarship Otto J. Schwabe Memorial Scholarship

John T. Shea Scholarship

Siena Association Memorial Scholarship

Society of St. Vincent de Paul Grant in Aid Award Rev. Edward J. Sullivan, CSB, Scholarship

Lloyd P. Webre Memorial Scholarship

Margaret Cecilia Wellborn Endowed Scholarship for Physically Impaired American Citizens James N. and Mary F.Yeager Scholarship

Joseph P. Hamrah Testamentary Trust

The University offers additional scholarships provided on an annual basis by generous donors. Please contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid for more information.

The following scholarships are awarded to students studying in the discipline or program noted:

Accounting                         Kelly–Retton Accounting Scholarship

Accounting                                          Thomas R. Reveley Memorial Endowed Scholarship inAccounting Accounting                                          Schwartz Accounting Scholarship

Archeology                         Friends of Archeology Scholarship

Archeology                         Mullins Archeology Scholarship

Art History                         Freed Travel Endowed Scholarship

Art History                         Harvey Art Scholarship

Arts and Science                 Fish Foundation Scholarship

Biology                              Rev. Joseph L. Meyers, CSB, Scholarship in Biology

Biology                              Elizabeth Ann Peavy Scholarship in Biology

Chemistry                           Nava Chemistry Endowed Scholarship

Chemistry                           John R. Voss Memorial Scholarship in Chemistry

Chemistry James T. Sullivan Scholarship in Chemistry Communication Nicholas D’Amico Communications Scholarship Drama Harvey Charitable Trust in Drama

Drama                                          Humphrey’s Foundation Scholarship

Drama                                Sam Havens Scriptwriter Houston Drama Scholarships

Drama                                Charles & Betti Saunders Drama Scholarship

Education                                          Kappa Delta Pi Anna L. Dewald Endowed Scholarship for Education Education                                          Strudler Family Endowed Scholarship

Education                           Mary Jean Lantz Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Education                           Linden Annual Scholarship

Education Margaret Guerriero Annual School of Education Scholarship English Carolyn Gordon Annual Award in Creative Writing English June M. Roethlisberger Scholarship

English                               Susan T. Scanlon Scholarship in Creative Writing

English                               English Department–Father Lee

English                               The Danny Lee Lawrence WritingAward

French                                French Scholarship

History                               Rev. Robert E. Lamb, CSB, Endowed Scholarship in History

History                               Joseph M. and Norma M. McFadden Endowed Scholarship

History                               Rowan and Mae Cardwell Scholarship

History                               The Crow Family Scholarship

History Rowan and Marie Cardwell Scholarship Fund International Studies Pecten Chemical Scholarship in International Studies International Studies Simon Cottrell International Studies Annual Scholarship

International Studies                                          The Jennifer and John Fichter International Studies Annual Scholarship Mathematics                                        Distinguished Student of Mathematics Scholarship

Mathematics Dr. WilliamA. and Margaret Reddie Scholarship in Mathematics Music The Crow Family Endowed Scholarship

Music                                 John Dickson “Peck” Kelley Scholarship

Music                                 Jimmy Don Smith Scholarship

Music                                 Marie Trapolino Scholarship in Music

Music                                 Erno Valasek Scholarship in Music

Music                                 Mrs. Cora Brent Warren Scholarship in Music

Nursing                              Pauline Agnes D’Amico Endowed Scholarship for Nursing Students

Nursing                              Ruth and Clarence Metzger Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Nursing                              Robert and Ann Tschirch Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Nursing                              Patricia G. Wild Endowed Scholarship for Nursing Students

Philosophy                         Brezik Graduate Philosophy

Prelaw                                George Burkitt Memorial Scholarship

Prelaw                                Terrence G. McGreevy Prelaw Scholarship

Prelaw                                J.C. and N.L. Gallagher

Prelegal                              Lawyers Alumni Fund Scholarship

Psychology Julia Arnold Schnapp Scholarship in Psychology Volunteer Opportunity Michael Levitt Memorial

Please contact respective departments for additional information.