Undergraduate Transfer Credit

The University accepts in transfer baccalaureate–level credits from other regionally accredited colleges or universities. No course with a grade lower than “C” (2.0 GPA) is accepted for transfer. Transferred course work will not be calculated in determining the grade point average at UST.

No more than 90 transferred credit hours may be applied toward a degree from the University of St. Thomas. Students must take the last 36 credit hours in residence unless the Academic Committee grants an exception. The number of credit hours accepted in transfer from two–year colleges will not exceed 72.

Transfer guides are available from the Undergraduate Office of Admissions for Houston area two–year colleges. Credit hours will be considered as lower– or upper–division according to their level at the institution at which they were earned. Credit hours earned at two–year colleges will always be treated as lower–division credit hours.

The evaluation of transferable credits and courses is normally completed by the time of initial registration. Credit will be transferred only on the basis of official transcripts from the originating institution.

Transferable courses will not necessarily apply toward the requirements for a degree or major. Transfer students should develop a degree plan in consultation with their academic advisor or, for a second bachelor’s degree, appropriate department chair, to determine what requirements remain to be completed for the degree.

For more information on transferring to the University, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at admissions@stthom.edu or 713–525–3500.