T. Contract Cancellation and Check-out Procedures

  1. Termination of Contract – The University may require a resident to terminate occupancy during a semester if the resident:
    1. Fails to abide by University and/or Residence Life policy.
    2. Changes his/her marital status.
    3. Is not a full-time student or received permission from the Office of Residence Life to be enrolled in fewer hours.
    4. Is not enrolled as a student.
    5. Fails to pay housing, board, tuition, or other University fees.
    6. Fails to maintain room in proper condition or causes damage to housing property or space.
    7. Demonstrates an inability to maintain a respectful relationship with a roommate, housemate(s), or other residents.
    8. Demonstrates an inability to maintain one’s own safety and/or facilitate one’s own personal care and/or is a threat to self or others due to a psychological, emotional, or medical condition. If staff members are unable to properly manage the resident’s needs, the resident may be asked to vacate his/her housing unit.
  2. End of Semester – Residents are expected to vacate University housing within twenty-four hours of their last final examination. Housing will normally close at 10:00 a.m. on the day after the last day of finals and will open at noon, two days before classes begin (Fall) or one day before classes begin (Spring and Summer). Closing dates and times will be advertised via newsletter and the web at the beginning of each semester.
  3. Check-out – It is the responsibility of the resident to properly check-out of campus housing at the end of the contract period or whenever moving out of campus housing, or to another location within campus housing. Resident must complete the appropriate paperwork and surrender keys in order to finalize check-out. Failure to check-out properly, completely, and on time will result in fines assessed to the resident.
  4. Room Damages – Damages to rooms, apartment units, and/or room furnishings beyond the limits of reasonable wear and tear will be charged to the assigned resident(s). A room inventory will be provided for the resident’s protection against improper damage charges. Failure to submit a room-condition form 48 hours after checking into a room may result in the resident being charged for all existing room damages. Charges will be posted to the student’s University account.
  5. A charge will be assessed against the account of any resident who misuses her/his key or who fails to surrender his/her room at check-out.
  6. University Property – The cost of repairing or replacing damaged furniture, fixtures, room equipment, or any other University-owned property, will be charged to the resident(s) responsible. If the person(s) responsible cannot be identified, the cost of damage repair or replacement will be assessed as follows:
    1. To roommates – damage to rooms.
    2. To all residents of assigned facility – damage to public areas, floors and equipment.
  7. Refund of Security Deposit – Non-returning residents must submit a written request for the re-turn of the Security Deposit. This request must be submitted at check-out or within thirty days of contract cancellation or expiration. Failure to submit a written request as outlined will result in forfeiture of the deposit, which will then become legal property of the University of St. Thomas. Upon request, the Security Deposit refunds will be credited to the student’s account within 60 days of a refund request.