Student Complaints

The University of St. Thomas strives to provide a safe, humane, and responsive learning environment for students. When conflicts arise, students are encouraged to resolve the complaint informally. In the case that an issue cannot be resolved informally, the individual has a right to initiate a formal complaint through the Office of the Dean of Students. Student complaints may include, but are not limited to, issues regarding classroom instruction, campus services and offices, as well issues with other students. 

Students are encouraged to resolve all complaints informally, first by meeting with the person directly involved with the complaint.  If the complaint cannot resolved, students are encouraged to submit a formal complaint. 
NOTE:  If the complaint is one regarding academics, see the Academic Grievance Policy for procedures. 

Formal complaints must be made in writing, submitted on the official complaint form, found at  No anonymous complaints will be accepted.
Upon receipt of the formal written complaint, the Dean of Students or designee will review the complaint, assess validity, and forward to the appropriate department for further review and resolution.

  1. All academic/classroom complaints will be forwarded to the chair/dean of the academic department and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. 
  2. All complaints about a staff/faculty actions/behavior will be forwarded to the employee’s immediate supervisor and department chair/dean, and human resources (for record keeping purposes). 
  3. All complaints about general campus services, other students’ actions/behaviors, code of conduct violations will remain in the office of Student Affairs. 
  4. All other complaints will remain in the office of Student Affairs.

The dean and/or next level supervisor will schedule a time to meet with the complainant to discuss and resolve the complaint.  At this time, the complainant should bring all supporting documentation.

If the complainant does not agree with the resolution of the complaint, he/she may appeal the dean's or next level supervisor's decision to the vice president overseeing the department involved in the complaint.  The student’s written appeal, including all supporting documentation, will then be forwarded to the department's vice president, who may request an appointment with the complainant to discuss the appeal or may choose to make a decision based upon a review of the written documentation.

The vice president will make a decision concerning the complaint and notify the complainant of the decision in writing. The decision of the vice president is final.

After exhausting the University’s complaint process, current, former, and prospective students may initiate a complaint with Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. More information about how to file a complaint with THECB can be found at Complaints will be accepted by using the THECB online complaint portal.