Student and Employee Resources

The University offers the following drug and alcohol abuse information, counseling, assistance and services:

  1. Information and Referral - All members of the University community are eligible to consult with the professional staff of the Office of Counseling and Wellness Services and the Office of Access and Disability Services regarding the availability of substance abuse assistance programs.  Substance abuse counseling and rehabilitation program referrals are routinely made to mutual help organizations, private hospitals, public treatment programs, and private drug treatment practitioners.  A collection of resource materials pertinent to issues of drug abuse is available.
  2. Individual Counseling - Enrolled students can be seen for short-term counseling and crisis intervention for assistance with substance use problems. However, Counseling and Wellness Services will make a referral for long-term substance use and detox.  Faculty and staff are eligible for an initial consultation and referral for such services. 
    Employees may access services through the University’s Employee Assistance Program.  Employees may call 1-800 227-1060 or access  The Company Code is:  stthom.   
  3. UST – On the Road to Recovery is a program that assists and serves students and employees with    substance use issues at the University of St. Thomas.  UST – On the Road to Recovery works closely with multiple departments on campus including Counseling and Wellness Services, Student Housing and Residential Life, Office of the Dean of Students, and the Office of Counseling and Wellness Services, to support student and employee health and wellness as it pertains to substance abuse issues.
  4. UST Counseling and Wellness Office
    Students and employees can visit the UST Counseling and Wellness Services Office and speak about any drug and alcohol questions in a safe and friendly environment. Appointments can be made contacting Counseling and Wellness Service at 713 525-2169.
  5. Formal Organizations
    Individuals can be assisted by participating in organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous and information concerning these groups is maintained for dissemination to interested persons. 
  6. Community Resources
    Various community resources offer short-term counseling for anyone affected in any way by alcohol or other drug abuse.  Trained alcohol and drug abuse counselors can help select a 12-step oriented program and/or appropriate treatment. Contact information: