Master of Education

Education: Licensed Professional Counselor

Program Details for LPS

Upon the completion of the School Counselor courses, students can take 4 additional courses to be eligible to take the National Counseling Exam to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). LPC is another counseling credential that allows for community work, clinical services, and private practice.

Students are strongly encouraged to speak with the UST Director of Counselor Education to ensure the appropriate courses are completed. Students who started the school counseling program after August 1, 2017 will need to complete a minimum of four additional classes to meet the 60 credit hour threshold required by the licensing board. The following elective courses meet the licensure requirements.

Students who started a counseling program before August 1, 2017 are required to complete a minimum of 48 hours of specific counseling coursework and will need to speak with the UST Director of Counselor Education for advisement on the necessary courses.

Total Credits