Master of Education

Education: School Counselor Education

The School Counselor Education Program prepares students to qualify as professional school counselors. The 48- hour Professional School Counselor M.Ed. program is designed for those with 2 years of teaching experience. All of the Counselor Education Program courses probe the dynamics of language, privilege, oppression, interpersonal relationships, including those related to ethnicity, race, class, gender, and distinctive populations. In addition, the Counselor Education Program considers pertinent professional, ethical, and legal issues in professional school counseling. Research in professional counseling, role-playing, and in vivo experiences are included in the Counselor Education Program. This program meets the Texas Education Agency course requirements for professional school counselors. These requirements are subject to change by the State of Texas, SBEC, and/or TEA.


  • Candidates for this program will be experienced teachers
  • Texas Education Agency Identification Number
  • Baccalaureate or advanced degree GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Official transcripts*
  • 250 – 300-word essay on career goals and how an M.Ed. will contribute
  • Interview with the UST Faculty Program Director

*Transcripts (Arrange to have official transcripts of all college level work, showing proof of degree/credentials attained).

Total Credits