Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences

Integrated Studies

Academic Department

BAAS must complete 1 minor from Humanities and 1 minor from STEM/Prof/SBS.

Humanities Minor

Select one of the following minors:

Art History, Classical Languages, Creative Writing, Dance, Drama, English, History, Music, Philosophy, Spanish, Studio Arts or Theology

Sub-Total Credits

STEM/Prof/SBS Minor

Select one of the following minors:

Accounting, Applied Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Communication, Computer Science, Criminology – Law – Society, Data Analytics, Economics, Education, Finance, General Business, Health Services, Human Services Management, International Studies, Marketing, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration or Catholic Social Thought, East Asia Studies, Free Enterprise/ Entrepreneurship, Irish Studies, Latin America Studies, Esports Coaching or ROTC Program

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Technical Credit

Credits toward the “technical credit” area of specialization may be earned from regionally accredited junior/community colleges, vocational or technical schools, or ACE equivalent credit; credits may also be earned through armed forces training when that work can be equated to college credit. Final approval for any transfer credit into this area rests upon the program director based upon appropriateness toward the intended learning outcomes for the degree and toward the mission of the University of St. Thomas.

Technical hours MUST be completed prior to UST enrollment. The number of credit hours accepted in transfer for the technical credit specialization area will consist of a minimum of 15 hours and not exceed 45 hours. The other minor areas of the degree plan may include regular academic course equivalent transfer credit according to UST transfer credit policy. The total transfer credit accepted shall not exceed the limits stated in the undergraduate transfer credit policy.

Sub-Total Credits

Additional Required Course and Electives

Student must complete with a grade of "B" or better, ISTUD 2301 and Satisfy a Practicum requirement associated with a graded UST course, and which may be included for credit in one of the student's minor fields. Practicum options: Internship, Service Project, Capstone Seminar Research Paper, or Learning Abroad Course.

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