Records and Transcripts (A.03.01 NGP)


All Undergraduate Students.


To define policy pertaining to academic records and transcripts.


Students admitted to the University with incomplete academic files must complete their files before October 15th for the fall semester and March 15th for the spring semester. Those who fail to comply with this requirement will be denied registration for subsequent semesters until the files are complete.


The Registrar of the University is responsible for maintaining official student educational records.

Changes to Academic Records

A student who questions an enrollment record (including a grade) as recorded in the Office of the Registrar has a period of one year from the date in which the course was completed to challenge its accuracy. At the end of one year the permanent record will become the absolute record, and changes may not be made.

Student Access to Records

Students wishing to review their educational records must make written request to the Registrar via the FERPA – Request to Inspect and Review Education Records form found on the myStThom student portal (UST Resources > Student Documents > Forms > Registrar), listing the items they wish to review. Only records covered by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 will be made available. The Registrar will respond within 45 working days of receiving the written request.


Requests for official transcripts must be made online through our third party vendor, Parchment. Official transcripts are not released without the student’s consent. The processing of a transcript request normally takes two working days and is generated at a cost of $11.25 for each official transcript, to be paid at the time of the request. No transcript will be released if a University hold that prevents its release exists on the student’s record. To be official, paper transcripts must bear the signature of the Registrar and be printed on official transcript paper, and the envelope seal must not be broken. Digital transcripts will be digitally certified by and sent through Parchment. Only official transcripts are sent outside the University.


APPROVED: Dr. Richard L. Ludwick
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Effective Date: June 2, 2022