Record-Keeping and Annual Reports

The University will keep for 7 years, the following:

All information obtained as part of each Sexual Misconduct investigation, including any determination regarding responsibility and any audio or audiovisual recording or transcript; any disciplinary sanctions and/or remedies; any appeal, including the result of the appeal; and any informal resolution and the result therefrom.

All information regarding any action taken, including supportive measures, and a rationale as to why a Complaint was not filed.  If a Complainant was not provided supportive measures, a rationale must be provided as to why supportive measures were not provided.  

All training materials used to train Title IX Coordinator(s), Investigators, Decision Makers, and those who facilitate the informal resolution process.

Generally, information from a student’s discipline file is not released without the written consent of the student.  However, certain information may be provided to individuals within or outside the University who have a legitimate legal or educational interest in obtaining it.  Typically, the information that is released to those outside of the University is limited to information associated with findings of “in violation” which resulted in a suspension or expulsion (discipline file). Please refer to the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).

Personnel files are the property of the University and will not be shared without a subpoena.