Q. Student Conduct

  1. General Conduct and Principles – The quality of community life within University housing is de-pendent upon an understanding of, and respect for, both individual residents and the community-ty as a whole. The following general responsibilities and corresponding rights are intended to define minimal expectations to ensure the quality of life within University Housing:
    1. Respect for others and their rights.
    2. Respect for the property of individuals, groups and the University.
    3. Respect the teaching and principles of the Catholic Church.
    4. Refrain from activities, which interfere with the regular operation of the University.
    5. Present identification upon request of an authorized University official.
    6. Behave in a manner consistent with Residence Life and University policies.
    7. Abstain from lewd, indecent, obscene, mischievous, or malicious behavior.
    8. Maintain modest attire when in public areas of University housing.
    9. Refraining from acts which are irritating and/or offensive to other residents.
    10. Timely collection of mail and reading and understanding all information (email, newsletters, memorandums, etc.) forwarded to him/her by staff and/or all other University officials.
    11. Responding to the directives of University Officials.
  2. Honor Code – Residents are expected to immediately report unsanctioned activities within campus housing to a housing or University official. This is not only for the protection of our community, but also for the protection of each individual resident. Residents will suffer the consequences of their roommate(s)/housemate(s), guest(s), and roommate’s/housemate’s guest’s behavior if they fail to report known unsanctioned activity occurring within their contracted area.
  3. Good Neighbors – It is the expectation of the University that our student-residents will refrain from any actions/behaviors that might in any way reflect poorly upon themselves, their roommates and housemates, and the entire University community. Residents are expected to demonstrate the highest respect and regard for their neighbors.
  4. Bullying and Harassment – Verbal abuse, threat against any individual, unwanted touching, stalking, teasing, pestering, gossip, harassing phone calls, prank calls, profanity, or other form of annoyance to another or intent to misrepresent self to another are not acceptable.
  5. Gambling – Gambling, as defined by Texas state law, is not permitted on campus housing property.
  6. Dishonesty – Any form of dishonesty is a violation of personal integrity and, as such, is unworthy of our academic community.
  7. Pranks – If a prank, whether by design or not, causes emotional/psychological injury and/or dis-tress to another or others and/or results in the damage or destruction of property, the residents responsible for this prank will receive appropriate disciplinary action.
  8. Rumors/Gossip – The initiation or sharing of gossip or rumors is always inappropriate. The University will not tolerate behavior that ultimately serves no purpose other than to hurt another or defame another’s character. Any resident found to have participated in this behavior may be subject to disciplinary action.
  9. Dining Room Conduct – While in the dining hall, residents must be dressed appropriately (shirt and shoes included), must bus own tables, obtain meals during advertised hours, and show a student ID when requested.