Policy and Procedures

  1. Students should meet with their academic advisors prior to registering for classes to discuss their class schedule and participation in co-curricular activities.
  2. Absence from class does not excuse students from any work missed during the absence.
  3. Students must discuss with the instructor, as early as possible in the semester, the potential consequences of missing classes.
  4. Students are responsible for submitting all assignments on time and arrangements must be initiated in advance by students for any assignments, quizzes, or exams that will be missed.
  5. Coaches, instructors, advisors, and sponsors must provide the names of students who will miss classes using the university approved excused absence form. Forms must be completed and sent to the instructor teaching the class.
  6. Coaches, instructors, advisors and sponsors must make every attempt to schedule traveling, games, matches and other University-sponsored activities at times that will have the least conflict with students’ class schedules.
  7. Students may not miss class due to preparation time for co-curricular activities, including practices.
  8. Off campus participation in co-curricular activities is strongly discouraged during any final examination period and will require special approval of the Vice President for Student Affairs as well as the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  9. The intent of this policy is to prevent disputes between students and faculty members concerning student absences. If a dispute cannot be resolved between the student and the faculty member, the procedures of the Academic Grievance Policy should be followed.