Physical Education

Degrees and Certificates


PE 1112: Surfing

Students will learn the fundamental physical activities of surfing Gulf Coast waters (catching waves, popping–up, riding waves) and the basic culture of riding long boards and short boards, including safety, vocabulary, local coastal geography, etiquette, weather reading, and accessing surfing related information.

PE 1120: Golf

An exploration of the fundamentals of the rules of golf to include stances, grips, strokes, putts, chipping, pitching, club selection and course etiquette.

PE 1130: Racquet Sports

Individuals will learn rules, terms and etiquette of the following racquet sports: racquetball, badminton, and pickleball. Basic skills and game strategy will be taught for each sport.

PE 1140: Tennis I

The course is designed to teach the basic skills of the game to include history, rules, terminology, scoring and etiquette.

PE 1150: Weight Training

Instruction will provide the student with an understanding of the theory of weight training principles through demonstration and examination. Practical on–site training through participation will include terminology, muscle groups and proper lifting techniques.

PE 1160: Fitness for Life

Instruction and practice in the concepts and techniques in a self–paced physical activity program, emphasizing health and fitness concepts. Approved activities include jogging, cycling, swimming, stair climbing and walking.

PE 1170: Team Sports I

Through discussion, practice and examination two lifetime team sports will be offered. In addition to developing individual skills, students will experience group dynamics such as cooperation (teamwork); collaboration (leagues); and competition (matches). Team sports to be offered include bowling and volleyball.