The policy to promote a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Free Workplace and Campus is a protection and support for the faculty, administration, employees and students of the University of St. Thomas. In addition, the University is committed to a caring relationship among its students and employees; therefore, its disciplinary procedures are intended to be constructive and redemptive. Any employee or student seeking assistance through the Office of Student Affairs or the Human Resources Department, in consultation with Counseling & Disability Services, will be treated in a confidential manner. This does not shield either the employee or student from disciplinary action if this policy is violated. Therefore, the employee or student violating this policy is subject to the following actions:

  1. Any employee or student admitting to or convicted of unlawful possession, use or distribution of unlawful drugs and alcohol on campus, or at campus sponsored events held off campus, will be subject to disciplinary action.
  2. Employees and students may be referred to a drug and alcohol assistance or rehabilitation program in which they must maintain satisfactory participation.
  3. Employees may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including suspension, suspension without pay, termination, and may be referred for prosecution.
  4. Students in violation of the University of St. Thomas “Code of Student Conduct” and disciplinary procedures may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including probation, suspension, expulsion, and may be referred for prosecution.

Further information concerning disciplinary action and appropriate procedures for employees is available from the Human Resources at 713-525-3142 and for students from the Vice President for Student Affairs at 713-525-3570.