Payment of Tuition and Fees

Terms and Conditions

By enrolling at the University of St. Thomas, students understand that they must follow the formal add/drop and withdrawal procedures of the University and that non–attendance does not automatically withdraw them from a course or from the University. Furthermore, enrollment indicates that students agree to pay all collection fees, including reasonable attorney’s fees, which the University may incur if they do not fulfill the payment obligations set for them by their enrollment. The cost of collection fees may be up to 50% of the balance due.

Payment or payment arrangements are due prior to the start of the semester. Tuition, fees and other charges not covered by financial aid or other means must be paid by the due date. Students not meeting payment deadlines, not making sufficient payment arrangements or not honoring payment arrangements made will be subject to administrative withdrawal from the University.

Cash or Checks

The University accepts cash and checks with the proper identification. Checks returned for any reason will be charged a $35 returned check fee.

Credit Cards

Credit card payments (American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover) may be made online via myStThom at through a third party servicer. A convenience fee will be assessed for each credit card payment. The University of St. Thomas does not accept credit card payments.


E–check payments are available online via myStThom at without a convenience fee. E–checks are utilized with the banking information available on most paper checks.

Payment Plans

The University offers a monthly payment plan option administered by Nelnet Business Solutions. The plan provides an interest-free method to pay education expenses in monthly installments through the academic semester instead of paying one lump sum. Access this service through myStThom.

Students must be registered for the term and have an outstanding balance for the term to set up a payment plan. Payment plans must be set up before the start of the term. Payments are made via direct debit or credit card charge on the fifth day of every month. Credit card payments will be assessed a convenience fee for each transaction. A $35 non-refundable fee is charged for each contract. Payments are spread over the length of the semester. Anticipated financial aid may be deducted from the total tuition owed in order to lower monthly payments. Students are responsible for communicating any changes during the semester in their academic standing which affects tuition (e.g., adds, drops, changes in amount of financial aid, etc.) to a student accounts counselor in the Student Financial Services Office. This includes, but is not limited to, complete withdrawal from the University. Failure to honor payment plan obligations will result in the administrative withdrawal from the University as well as prohibition from utilizing a payment plan in subsequent semesters.

Company Deferments

The University allows students to defer tuition and fee charges until the end of the term if they are eligible for employer tuition reimbursement programs. At the time of registration, eligible students must submit to the Office of Student Financial Services a letter from the employer certifying eligibility for the program for the current term as well as the percentage of reimbursement granted. Any percentage of tuition not covered by the employer reimbursement must be paid at the time of registration. Students are required to sign a promissory note and pay a non–refundable $75 fee per deferment by cash or check. Students who fail to fulfill the obligations they have agreed to under a company deferment plan are ineligible to enroll in a company deferment plan in subsequent semesters and may be administratively withdrawn from the University.