O. Transportation Devices

  1. Residents should not ride bicycles, skateboards, hoverboards, use skates, rollerblades, motorized shopping carts, or other such equipment inside housing facilities.
  2. Mopeds and Motorcycles - Mopeds, motorcycles, and all other combustible engine vehicles are not permitted inside of University housing. Combustible engine vehicles are not permitted in housing courtyards, on sidewalks surrounding University housing, or on any other University housing property, other than designated parking areas.
  3. Bicycles -
    1. Residents may park their bicycles on University provided racks and under housing facility stairwells (no more than 2 bikes per stairwell opening).
    2. Bicycles should not be parked in common areas inside of University housing.
    3. Bicycles should not be chained to sign posts, railings, walkways, or otherwise attached to any interior or exterior structure not designed for this purpose.
    4. Bicycles left at the end of the spring semester, parked outside of rooms or other areas not designated for them will be confiscated and stored at the resident’s expense for up to three days, after which, unclaimed bicycles will be donated to a local charity.