NURS 7307: Transformational Leadership in Healing Environment

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Credits 3
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This course is designed to prepare students to deal with the intellectual and practical responsibilities and accountabilities of transformational leadership in healing environments, informed by the Catholic intellectual tradition. Students will learn how to use evidence-based practices to apply nursing’s hierarchy of knowledge to real world patient problems, focusing on health care delivery phenomena. These explorations will include the fiscal, risk management, quality control, outcome and safety dimensions of care systems in diverse organizations. The practical processes of development, implementation, refinement and evaluation of practice models and guidelines, standards of care and peer review procedures will be explored through simulations and case studies, providing students with experiences focused on culture sensitive problem solving and the real world challenges of ensuring that nurses can embrace their unique ministry Students will have the opportunity to apply these experiences to their self-selected population, focusing on health promotion, disease prevention, access to care and gaps in current services. Innovative strategic decision-making will be tested through this process of application.
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