NURS 7304: Relational Dimensions of Healing: Communication and Conflict Engagement

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Credits 3
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his course provides the student with a systematic exploration of the role of right relationship in the creation of healing environments for specific populations. Grounded in an evidence-based analysis of current disruptions in health care environments and their impact, students will explore the ethical, fiscal, quality control, safety and personal cost of such disruptions, and examine and practice specific competencies essential to addressing these disruptions and engaging effectively with relevant participants. Models of collaboration and teamwork as alternatives to or enhancements of current practices will be explored, linking them to the unique value focus of the UST program of study. Unique traits of complex adaptive systems will be linked to communication patterns, diversity as opportunity, and conflict engagement processes. Through the lens of the Catholic intellectual tradition, the role of the transformational nurse leader in pursuing social justice; enhancing quality, cost effectiveness, and patient safety through competent right relationship; creating collaborative partnerships and engaging others in skillful advocacy for patients will be emphasized through group and individual course experiences.