NURS 7303: Translating Research into Practice: Transformational Leadership in Enhancing Healing Environments

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Credits 3
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his course provides the student with a systematic exploration of the nature of research, both in nursing and related disciplines, and its role in creating healing environments in complex adaptive systems through transformational leadership. Grounded in an analysis of the formal processes of inquiry, students will explore clinical research, evaluation research, evidence based practice processes, and quality improvement protocols. Differentiation of these knowledge resources will be analyzed as essential to transformational leadership initiatives, shaped by the creative use of health care information systems and technologies available in healthcare environments. Students will explore potential inquiry-guided leadership initiatives that create change toward best practices and the crafting of transformational policies responsive to patients’ and their unique needs. Dissemination of outcomes will be discussed as a final expression of inquiry processes, linking them to transformational leadership research and the potential for expanding the spread of healing environments and the healing ministry of nurses.