NURS 7202: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion; Social Justice Dimensions of Transformational Healing Relationships

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This interdisciplinary course provides the student with an opportunity to embed the distinctive themes of the UST DNP program within a working framework of ethical principles and practices that enable the creation of transformational healing relationships among diverse persons involved in a given setting, situation or culture. Using the professional nursing Code of Ethics and the four pillars of the DNP program’s conceptual framework, students will explore the ethical dimensions of a holistic healing ministry for nurses in the diverse and complex 21st century healthcare environment, where the nurse serves as an instrument of healing, committed to social justice and healthcare equities pursued through transformational healing relationships. Expansion of consciousness and self-awareness as essential components of ethical healing relationships will be emphasized, giving students an opportunity to craft a personal narrative about these expanding capacities as a dimension of transformative nursing leadership that pursues social justice for their patient populations. Students will have an opportunity to identify and explore the potential ethical challenges implicit in the planning and implementation of their DNP projects and design potential responses to these challenges.