ANET 1300: Hardware and Software Environment

The organization of a computer is examined in a typical operating systems environment. Terminology and underlying principles related to major computer functions are discussed in the context of hardware and software environments.

ANET 1305: Basics of Networking

This course explains the fundamentals of networking concepts. It focuses on technological advances made in the field of computer networks. It also covers impact OSI and TCP/IP model and how it relates to network communication. The course also details the importance of different protocols in a network and tools required to secure the network.

ANET 1350: Introduction to Servers I

This course offers students an introduction to server hardware and provides a baseline level of learning that can be leveraged should they be interested in taking the CompTIA Server+ Certification Exam.

ANET 1355: Physical Networks

This course explains how computer networks are created using physical components. Students get an opportunity to construct a physical network by using wires, network devices, network protocols, tools, and standards. The course also compares and contrasts different transmission media and network devices based on transmission rates.

ANET 1360: Introduction to Servers II

This course offers students and introduction to the Windows Server platform and provides a baseline level of learning that can be leveraged should they be interested in further learning or certification specific to Microsoft Windows Servers.

ANET 2300: Introduction to Linux Networking

This course introduces various features of the open source operating system, Linux. It starts with the fundamental commands of the operating system and covers installation and network configuration steps. The course also covers how to maintain and troubleshoot client and server network services.

ANET 2305: Securing Information

This course focuses on the importance of securing the IT infrastructure. It also covers ways that make the IT infrastructure vulnerable and steps that should be taken to secure it against malicious attacks. It introduces the role of security policy and implementation issues related to it. Students get an opportunity to audit, test, and monitor an IT system.

ANET 2350: Basics of IP Networking

This course is intensively focused on the study of TCP/IP protocol and OSI model. It covers key concepts related to IP Networking, subnetting, and troubleshooting. The course details concepts of IP routing, dynamic routing protocols, bridging, switching, and LAN/WAN technologies.

ANET 2355: Configuring Email and Web Services

This course focuses on configuring email and web services in the network. It also details procedures of how to configure a web server, secure a web server, install a Mail server, and secure a Mail server. Students get an opportunity to define roles and policies related to email and web services.

ANET 2360: Capstone Project

This course helps students to integrate and apply the knowledge acquired in the program to solve a comprehensive project. The course includes steps to design, manage, and implement a capstone project that will enable analysis and problem-solving skills. The students get an opportunity to work in teams, and apply the concepts learned in resolving the given business problem.

ANET 2365: Advanced Troubleshooting, Repair and Maintenance of Computers

This course studies PC hardware and software including physical devices, BIOS, operating systems, and applications. The course includes instruction on installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and repairing software and hardware implementations. It covers most concepts found in the CompTIA A+ certification exam.

ANET 2370: Advanced Networks

This course is a study of routers, switches, and other computer and telecommunication network devices. The course will include information on network and routing protocols, local and wide area networks, and VLANs as well as device configuration, management, and troubleshooting and will be exploring many of the concepts found in the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) certification exam.

ANET 2375: Advanced Operating Systems

This course is a study of server operating system including installation, configuration, management, core infrastructure services, policies and permissions, and virtualization. It covers many of the concepts needed for the Microsoft Certified Professional Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 certification exam.