N. Room Entry

  1. Routine entry, which may occur on a regular basis without additional notification, is characterized by the following:
    1. Necessary repairs by Facilities Operations personnel.
    2. Maintenance checks by Residence Life, Facilities Operations, and contractual personnel.
    3. Air control and safety checks by staff and contracted personnel.
    4. Pest extermination.
    5. Emergencies where there is reasonable cause to believe a threat exists to life, safety, health, or property.
    6. Failure of resident to respond to a request to turn off an alarm, stereo, TV, or other appliance or equipment that is disruptive to others.
    7. Health and Safety checks are conducted by Residence Life staff in university housing throughout the year to maintain a safe living environment for all residents.
  2. Entry for non-compliance with policy
    1. With reasonable cause to believe there is non-compliance with University regulations, the Director of Residence Life or his/her designee may request a University Search Agreement. Upon presentation of a signed University Search Agreement, residents must allow the Director of Residence Life, his/her designee, and/or the Dean of Students entry into the contract-ed space and/or car (when on University property). The Director may require the assistance of other Residence Life or Student Affairs personnel with a search.
    2. University personnel may also enter resident rooms without the acquisition of a search warrant or authorization from the resident(s) if there is believed to be a violation of policy in progress. In such cases, staff must clearly announce themselves and their intention to enter prior to doing so.