MLA-Master of Liberal Arts


MLMLA 5300: History of Ideas

Individual works, thematically related and deemed fundamental to the study of the liberal arts in Western culture, will be chosen by the seminar professor. The course's objective is to introduce the student to some basic texts, as well as to graduate level research and writing methodoligies.

MLMLA 5301: Advanced Integrated Learning

This course is a "learning-how-to-learn" course, designed to teach especially beginning graduate students the principles and practices of active reading and listening, based on the work of Mortimer Adler.

MLMLA 5337: Liberal Learning Through the Ages

Liberal learning, study of the liberal arts, has been the hallmark of free, self-governing persons since Greek and Roman antiquity. This course will survey the meaning and relevance of liberal education as part of a flourishing human life, from the origin of the concepts to our own hyper-specialized scientific and technology-driven world of today.

MLMLA 5338: The Pursuit of Happiness

Human beings act for reasons, and it has been argued that the ultimate objective of every human act is the pursuit of happiness. This course will survey conceptions of happiness and the myriad ways that people have pursued it over the ages.

MLMLA 6330: John Henry Newman

A study of the thought and influence of John Henry Newman through a selection of his writings and an examination of the historical circumstances that led to their composition. Spring, odd years.

MLMLA 6360: Renaissance Culture&Society

The course studies the period 1300-1550 in order to ascertain its specific nature as a period of European history and its contributions to the development of Western civilization. The course will examine the contributions of this period in the areas of scholarly pursuits (Humanism), philosophy, political thought and religion, as well as in the literary and fine arts. An attempt will be made to place these developments in their political and socio-economic contexts.