MDSA 6376: Contemporary Taiwan

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Credits 3
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This course is a survey of the contemporary history, politics, economics, and external relations of the Republic of China on Taiwan, known to most of the world as simply Taiwan. While founded on mainland China in 1912, the Republic of China we know today has been shaped largely by events after 1949. On the verge of total defeat near the end of China’s civil war, the Nationalist government reestablished itself on the island of Taiwan. Since 1949, Taiwan has transitioned from abject poverty to one of the wealthiest societies in the world; from fascism to liberal democracy; and from near universal diplomatic recognition to nearly complete diplomatic isolation. This course will explore the immense challenges faced by Taiwan’s people and government and investigate the manner in which such an imperiled island managed such a fascinating process of change. Highlighted as well is the prominent role played by the United States in guaranteeing the regional security necessary for Taiwan’s ascendance.
MDSA Prerequsites: Admission into the MDSA program.