MDSA 5303: Advanced Seminar in Diplomacy and Strategic Studies

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Credits 3
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This course provides an in-depth investigation into one of the essential topics in Diplomacy and Strategic Studies. The potential topics are theories of politics, economics, diplomacy, and/or strategic studies in the decision-making process that generates foreign policy. In addition, students will be exposed to a broad range of contemporary diplomatic events and puzzles in which the United States and other nations have encountered in the past, is facing currently, and will envision in the near future. The key essence of this course is to facilitate a strong understanding of these issues and develop a number of strategic approaches to manage or even resolve them through theoretical and practical perspectives provided in this course. Students are expected to acquire substantial knowledge of a specific topic in Diplomacy and Strategic Studies after finishing this course.
MDSA Prerequsites: Admission into the MDSA program.