Jerabeck Activity and Athletic Center

The John D. Jerabeck Activity and Athletic Center (JAAC) is the focal point for the University of St. Thomas intercollegiate athletics, campus recreation, and physical fitness activities. It houses the Department of Athletics, the Department of Recreational Sports and the Department of Health Promotion & Wellness.

The JAAC has a basketball/volleyball arena with bleacher–seating capacity for more than 800 spectators, three racquetball/handball courts, men’s and women’s locker rooms, a weight room, a fitness room, a dance room and several large classrooms. Outdoor facilities at the JAAC include a swimming pool, a half–court basketball court and a sand volleyball court.

The JAAC is open seven days a week, excluding holidays. The University encourages its entire community of students, faculty, and staff to participate in the many activities that the JAAC offers.

Sport Clubs

The Assistant Director of Recreational Sports is responsible for managing the recognition of and advising of sport club activities. Questions concerning sport clubs should be forwarded to the Sport Club Association President at 713–525–3874 or to the Assistant Director of Recreational Sports at 713–942–5036, Following is the current list of recognized sports clubs:

Coed Cheerleading
Coed Fencing Coed Martial Arts Coed Running
Coed Sand Volleyball Coed Table Tennis Coed Tennis Coed Ultimate Frisbee
Coed Biking Men’s Basketball Women’s Soccer