J. Alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol diminishes a person’s ability to think reasonably and is not in harmony with the dignity of the human person. As part of a Catholic institution, which believes in upholding the dignity and sacredness of the human person, the following alcohol policies are in place.

  1. The possession, consumption, or distribution of alcoholic beverages, in any form, will not be permitted in Guinan Hall, regardless of age.
  2. Drunk and disorderly conduct in private or public by any resident will be considered cause for referral to the Dean of Students.
  3. The display of posters, banners, signs, etc. advertising alcohol is prohibited in University housing without prior approval.
  4. It is a violation of policy to possess or use alcoholic beverage containers (empty or otherwise), shot glasses or other alcohol branded materials to decorate the interior or exterior of Guinan or Clare Hall. It also a violation of policy if these objects are present in Young Hall and the Townhome Communities where the resident or their room/housemates are under the age of 21.
  5. Young Hall and Townhome Communities Alcohol Policy
    The alcohol policy in the residence hall apartments/townhomes at the University of St. Thomas is designed to support the University, city, state and federal laws as well as to create an environment conducive to learning appropriate and healthy attitudes and behaviors regarding the use of alcohol in our society. In this policy, “alcoholic beverages” is defined as beer and wine only. If any violation of the alcohol policy occurs, a violation will be written for all students present (regardless of age).
    1. If even one of the residents of an apartment/townhome are not of legal drinking age (21 years), no alcohol or container of alcohol is allowed in the apartment/townhome at any time. Neither residents nor their guests (even if they are of legal drinking age), may bring alcoholic beverages or containers into the apartment/townhome.
    2. If section 5.a. (above) does not apply, residents of legal age (21 years) and over may possess and consume liquid alcoholic beverages (beer or wine only, as per above) in their apartments/townhomes and in the apartments/townhomes of other students 21 years of age or older, as long as no one under the age of 21 is present.
    3. The consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages in open containers is prohibited in hallways, stairways, lobbies, balconies, patios, lounges, recreational areas, restrooms, and all other areas of the residence hall apartment complex or townhome communities, regard-less of age.
    4. No student of legal drinking age (21 years) is allowed to purchase, or in any way, provide alcohol for an underage student or guest.
    5. Alcohol, in any form, may not be sold or manufactured in the residence hall.
    6. Bulk or common source alcohol containers (i.e. kegs or party balls) are not allowed in the residence hall apartment complex or townhome communities, regardless of age.

Responsible use of alcohol is expected. Residents found to be intoxicated or potentially harmful to themselves or others may be detained for an assessment before being allowed in the residence halls. Residents are expected to abide by all aspects of the Code of Student Conduct. Any student found to be in violation of the alcohol policy may be subject to disciplinary action and removal from on-campus housing.