IRST 3368: Northern Ireland: Conflict and Peace

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This course is divided into three parts: (i) Historical Context, (ii) the “Conflict,” and (iii) the “Peace.” The historical context explores some of the key events that led to the conflict and the current situation in Northern Ireland. The Conflict portion reviews the current dispute between the various political parties in Northern Ireland and the groups they represent: nationalists (who want to reunite Northern Ireland with Ireland) and unionists (who want to keep Northern Ireland separate from Ireland and united with Britain). The Conflict also reviews the use of physical force (violence) to achieve these goals versus constitutional, peaceful means (the ballot box and dialogue). The Peace portion discusses the various agreements and movements among Britain, Ireland and Northern Ireland from 1922 to today to stop the violence and to bring peace to Northern Ireland, Britain and Ireland. The course also covers current events in Northern Ireland, such as ongoing elections and other governmental, political, social and cultural issues.