Bachelor of Science

Integrated Studies

Bachelor of Science students must choose 1 minor from Humanities, 1 minor from STEM/Prof/SBS and 1 minor from any of the three categories. In addition, students must complete 6 credit hours of Math or Natural Science beyond core or relevant minor requirements.

Humanities Minor

Select one of the following minors:

Art History, Classical Languages, Creative Writing, Dance, Drama, English, History, Music, Philosophy, Spanish, Studio Arts or Theology

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STEM/Prof/SBS Minor

Select one of the following minors:

Accounting, Applied Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Communication, Computer Science, Criminology – Law – Society, Data Analytics, Economics, Education, Finance, General Business, Health Services, Human Services Management, International Studies, Market Analysis, Marketing, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration or ROTC Program

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Interdisciplinary Minor

Select one of the following minors:

Social Justice Studies, East Asia Studies, Free Enterprise/ Entrepreneurship, Irish Studies, Latin America Studies or Leadership Studies

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Additional Required Course and Electives

Student Must take ISTUD 2301 and Satisfaction of a Practicum

 Requirement: Internship, Service Project, Capstone Seminar Research Paper or Learning Abroad Course.

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