Incomplete Grade Policy

At the discretion of the faculty member, a grade of “I” may be assigned to a student who has successfully completed [i.e., with at least a passing grade] a majority of the work of the class and who has an unavoidable and compelling reason why the remainder of the work cannot be completed on schedule. Under the advisement and approval of the faculty member, the student will complete an Incomplete Grade Contract. Upon completion of the work within the next regular semester, at the time prescribed by the faculty member, the faculty member will award the student a letter grade, including the possibility of an “F.” An “I” grade that is not replaced by a letter grade will automatically become a grade of “F.” At the discretion of the faculty member, a grade of “IE” may be assigned to a student for one semester if the situation warrants. The “IE” grade that is not replaced by the end of the semester for which it was issued will automatically become a grade of “F.”

Students should not re-register for courses in which they have received grades of Incomplete. Before a grade of Incomplete is given, both the instructor and student should complete this Incomplete Grade Contract, stipulating the requirements and completion date that are to be met. An “I” grade can be extended for one additional regular semester (IE grade) at the discretion of the instructor. In each case, the instructor must request this change of the Registrar’s office before the initial “I” grade expires. No course grades may be changed after one year following completion of the course.