Incomplete Grade (A.02.13)


All Undergraduate and Graduate Students


To outline the policy for incomplete grades.


A grade of Incomplete (“I”) may be given at the discretion of the instructor to students who are making satisfactory progress in a course but will not be able to complete course requirements by the end of the term. Incompletes are typically given for emergency situations which prevent the student from completing course requirements.


01. When assigning an “I” grade and Contract

Instructors must provide students with an Incomplete Grade Contract that outlines the work to be accomplished before the “I” can be converted to a final grade and specifies a deadline date; the contract constitutes an agreement between instructors and students. A copy of the contract should be submitted by the instructor to the Registrar’s Office by the grading deadline of the semester. The Registrar will verify the “I” grades that have been posted on the student’s record and verify that the incomplete contract has been received by the instructor.

02. Time Limit of “I” Grade

A grade of “I” must be resolved by the student within the time limit outlined in the Incomplete Grade Contract. If additional time is warranted, the “I” may be extended for one regular (fall/spring) semester by changing the “I” grade to an Incomplete Extended (“IE”). The instructor must request the extension by submitting a completed grade change form to the Registrar’s Office no later than the end grade deadline of the semester in which the “I” grade expires. The “I” and “IE” grades that have not been changed to letter grades by the end of the grade deadline of the next semester (fall/spring) will automatically become a grade of “F” or the grade specified in the incomplete contract. If an “IE” needs to be extended, a grade change form must be completed by the instructor and signed by the instructor and Dean.

03. Re-Registration

Students should not re-register for courses in which they have received grades of Incomplete.

04. Academic Standing

“I” and “IE” grades are not calculated in the GPA and do not affect a student’s academic standing. An “I” or “IE” that is changed to a letter grade or automatically converted to an “F” will affect a student’s academic standing at the end of the semester in which the grade change is completed.

05. Incomplete Grade Reminders to Faculty

The Registrar’s Office will send an email to faculty and students to remind them of outstanding “I” grades. The faculty will contact students to remind them of the contract that was signed and when the student should submit the required assignment(s).


APPROVED: Board of Directors
Date of Original Formation: 9/1/2010
Revision Number: 1
Revision Date: 05-25-2023
Effective Date: 12/07/2023