I. Entryways, Fencing, Balconies, Roofs and Pathways

  1. Entry/Courtyard Gates – All gates must remain locked upon entry to, and exit from all housing properties. Guinan gates are only to be used by students during official move-in/move-out times and in case of a building-wide emergency or evacuation. At no time (other than official check-in and check-out) may these gates remain propped open by students. Although Guinan gates may be used at various times by professional staff members and/or contracted vendors of the University, this does not give residents permission to use the gates unless this use falls under on the few exceptions stated above. Residents and guests should refrain from slamming gates and may not attempt to contact residents from outside of gates by screaming, banging on gates or otherwise creating noise that will disturb others.
  2. Propping Doors – Residents may not prop open any entry door other than that of their own for any period of time. If a resident chooses to prop their own entry door, they must be present in the room at all times while the door is propped. Leaving a room vacant with a door propped open can results in a fine and/or disciplinary action.
  3. Blocking Entrances/Exits – Residents may not block or obstruct entries, exits or corridors so that an individual is intentionally prohibited from passage. Additionally, residents may not add additional locks to their doors without prior approval from Residence Life. If additional locks are approved, these locks must still allow University officials to enter the room at all times. Failure to follow these guidelines poses potential danger to residents and guests and will not be tolerated.
  4. Balconies, Fences, Railings and Walkways
    1. For reasons of safety and aesthetics, individuals may not place any unauthorized objects on or affix items to housing balconies, fences or walkways. The definition of the term “unauthorized” will be determined by the Director of Office of Residence Life.
    2. Residents/guests may not place any objects on walkways that may in any way impede the flow of traffic during an emergency.
    3. Residents or guests may not climb, sit, or stand on balcony, stairway, or other railings or fencing. Residents or guests may not climb poles, walls, trees, fences, or otherwise use any objects to gain access to a balcony or walkway. Sitting on or swinging from balcony railings is also prohibited. Entry access to balconies or walkways is via stairwells and interior entryways only.
    4. Guinan Hall residents may not have more than three persons on a balcony at any one time. Additionally, Guinan Hall residents are permitted to have no more than two outdoor chairs on each patio/balcony.
    5. Residents must refrain from using railings/fencing as bicycle racks, clotheslines, etc.
    6. Residents must also refrain from spray painting.
    7. Residents are expected to keep balcony and patio doors locked, when not in use. Failure to do so will result in a disciplinary fine and may also result in additional disciplinary action.
  5. Roofs/Attics – Residents may not, at any time, for any reason, be on any housing facility roof or in the attic