Health Professions


HLTHP 3301: Professional Development & Skills I

This course is designed for students to analyze and improve upon their pre-professional competencies. These will be done in small groups by analyzing students professional CV. Keeping these soft skills in mind, students will also prepare their personal statements for medical school.

HLTHP 3302: Professional Development & Skills II

This course will continue from HPAC 3301 in developing the pre-professional competencies needed to be a successful, well-rounded applicant to medical school. Students will prepare for their application and develop a plan to apply early to the various application services. Students will also work on acquiring the skills to tackle the secondary applications as well as work in teams to actively practice MMI-style interview questions and work independently on how to answer typical medical school interview questions utilizing their pre-professional competencies. Finally, through a series of guest lectures from professionals at TMC, students will dive into medical ethics which will help them prepare for their applications and interviews.