General Business


GENB 1301: Principled Business

This core course guides first year students in discerning their passion through a business lens. It is designed so students will be able to make more solid plans to pursue their passion while discerning in what direction to take their life. They will learn how to find what they want out of life, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how they can apply them to their career.

GENB 1305: Writing and Research

Students will learn and produce professional documents that reflect their ability to research, organize and present their ideas. Students will learn all the steps required to build a professional document as well as all of the techniques needed to produce such documents. This course is intended only for, and restricted to, students in the Associate of Applied Science in General Business program.

GENB 1312: Introduction to Business

This course provides a general overview of the major elements of business. It serves students new to the study of business by presenting the key functions within business. These functions include topics such as marketing, management, operations, finance, accounting, leadership, and the global marketplace. In addition, this course provides an introduction to ethical business practices. The concepts presented in this course help students to better understand how each piece of the business puzzle fits together as they take the classes required for an associate's degree in business.

GENB 1320: Business Communication

A practical, experienced–based introduction to business and professional communication using a career–and–self– assessment and case studies on ethics, leadership, and diversity. Self–led student teams design and present a final project with a focus on oral and written communication skills.

GENB 1331: Principles of Macroeconomics

This course concentrates on analysis of national income, with special attention to the role of monetary and fiscal policies in stabilizing the price level and fostering high levels of employment and rapid economic growth. Theoretical as well as policy implications of income and price determination models are explored.

GENB 1332: Principles of Microeconomics

A study of the functioning of the market system, with emphasis on consumer and business decision–making and the various market structures. The course covers the theoretical underpinnings as well as the policy implications of the market system, resource allocation and income distribution

GENB 1341: Principles of Accounting 1

An introduction to financial accounting with emphasis on basic concepts and principles. Several important concepts will be studied in detail, including revenue recognition, inventory, long–lived assets, present value, and long-term liabilities. The course emphasizes the construction of the basic financial accounting statements– the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

GENB 1342: Principles of Accounting 2

An introduction to managerial accounting, with coverage of cost concepts, budgeting, cost–volume–profit analysis, and special management decisions. Managerial accounting is a company’s internal language, and is used for decision–making, production management, product design, and pricing and for motivating and evaluating employees.

GENB 2330: Entrepreneurship & Conscious Capital

This course introduces students to the process of starting and growing a new business. In this course, students learn how to recognize business opportunities, develop feasibility analyses and business plans, seek financing and funding for the new business, and develop the main functions of the new business (i.e., marketing/sales, cash flow management, and human resources). The course also covers business growth strategies. The course content is augmented with real–world case studies and interactions with successful entrepreneurs.

GENB 2339: Introduction to Finance

This course provides an introduction to financial concepts and principles. Special attention is given to the role of the financial system in the economy, the fundamentals of investment analysis, and the financial decisions of business firms as related to capital budgeting, capital structure, and responsibility in the conduct of business financial operations.

GENB 2340: Leadership

This course introduces students to theories and practices of leadership, with foci in business organizations and the role of leadership in developing ethical organizations. Students study the history of leadership theories, the role of leadership in organizational success, ethical leadership, and profiles of great leaders.

GENB 2343: Principles of Marketing

The course analyzes marketing strategy and product decisions, pricing policy, sales promotion and distribution in the business environment.

GENB 2347: Principles of Management

This course is centrally concerned with the theory and principles of organization and management with particular emphasis on the traditional management functions and the process of managerial roles performed in the workplace. Topics may include an introduction to strategic planning, ethics and social responsibility, decision making, motivating the workforce, managing teams, and other effective leadership skills. Applications include experiential learning and research, applied group dynamics, case analyses and exercises.

GENB 2348: Human Resource Management

A study of the fundamental concepts and techniques in the management of human resources, including job analysis, employee staffing, training, performance evaluation, compensation administration, and health/safety programs. The legal environment and ethical treatment of employees will be fundamental to each topic. Students will study current news and legislation in HR such as sexual harassment, expatriate (overseas) assignments, and alternative dispute resolution as topics arise in the press.

GENB 2353: Foundations of Personal Sales

Foundations of Professional Sales introduces students to the process of selling and the complex decision-making process. It covers theories and practices of communication and persuasion in the context of making a sale. It also introduces the concepts and practices involved in managing and motivating a sales force. Students review the communication and Persuasion building blocks, followed by the steps needed from planning to closing the sales cycle.

GENB 2355: Personal Selling

This course builds on the personal selling skills introduced in "Foundations of Professional Sales" (GENB 2353). Students learn principles of persuasion, the complex decision making models, and methods of personal selling. Students design sales pitches, engage in role play, and analyze cases to build experience in personal selling. This course is intended for, and restricted to students in the Associate of Applied Science in General Business program.

GENB 2357: International Business

This course provides an integrative overall business perspective (as opposed to a functional view) grounded in a global environment. This will include coverage of business as it is conducted in both developed and emerging economies. Focus will be on the globalization of business and critical factors for successfully entering into the global marketplace.

GENB 2358: Business Law

This course provides a general understanding of the American legal system and the concepts that impact the conduct of business. Disputes, business ethics, business and the US Constitution, contract law, sales contracts, labor and employment law, and other key concepts are presented. A the end of this course the student will be able to understand the legal environment in which companies operate, both domestically and around the world.

GENB 2361: Social Media Marketing

This course introduces students to the processes necessary to run a social media marketing campaign. In this course, students will learn how to understand the components of a social media marketing campaign, types of applications and types of content used for social media marketing, and how to audit and plan social media marketing campaigns.

GENB 2362: Social Media Marketing Practicum

This course directs students to engage in action learning with a local business in need of social media marketing. Students will become Hootsuite certified and develop a social media marketing plan for a local business.

GENB 2363: Advertising and Promotion

This course introduces students to advertising and promotion. Students will learn about how to build an advertising proposal by following the story of an advertising firm. Students will learn fundamentals of advertising, how to develop an advertising plan, and how to measure success in an advertising campaign.

GENB 2397: Accounting Applications

This course provides students with a practical approach to accounting, with modules on accounting software such as Quickbooks and Sage, as well as data analytics tools such as Tableau. This course is only open to students in the GENB-AAS program.