G. Trash and Maintenance of Grounds

  1. Littering – Residents must keep their facility grounds free of trash/litter.
  2. Trash/Recycling – As soon as an interior receptacle becomes full, the trash bag should be re-moved, tied and placed in a designated collection bin in the trash room. Guinan residents should dispose of their trash in the trash room on the first floor of the building. The City of Houston provides trash collection services for Young Hall, Clare Hall and the Townhomes Communities. The City has provided receptacles in the Young Hall garage for this facility. The designated collection day will be posted. If the trash bin cannot accommodate your trash items, residents should use the larger collection site on the corner of Colquitt and Graustark.
  3. Young and Clare Halls, and Townhome Communities – Residents are responsible for maintaining cleanliness on the grounds of their assigned facility. It is expected that residents will not have loud parties on their grounds or otherwise create noise that will disturb their neighbors. Residents may not place any furnishing, signs, lawn ornaments or other equipment on their front lawn.
  4. Public Trash Receptacles – The trash receptacles in the public areas within University housing are intended only for the disposal of small items (paper products, cans) and are not to be used by residents to dispose of their private room/unit/facility trash or garbage. No items should be placed on top of or around these receptacles and receptacle lids should be kept closed at all times. If the trash bin cannot accommodate your trash items, residents should place items in the larger designated areas noted above.
  5. Courtyards and Gardens – The courtyards and gardens may not be used for any purpose other than their intended design. Residents may not engage in sporting activities on these grounds, and they are responsible for adhering to courtesy and quiet hours, as well as all other policies, when traveling through or otherwise using them.