Art History

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Art History Contact: Dr. Dominic A. Aquila, aquilad@stthom.edu

Art represents and questions the deepest cultural and spiritual aspirations of society while recording humanity’s unique ability to create new technologies. Knowledge of the masterpieces and monuments enhance the life of mind and spirit, inspiring new ideas. The purpose of the University’s Art History Program is to enrich the intellectual, aesthetic and spiritual dimensions of the student’s experience in discovering the power of art. Our courses also introduce UST students to the fields of anthropology and archaeology.

Students at UST have an exceptional opportunity to experience and study original art, since the campus lies in the heart of Houston’s Museum District. Excellent examples of works from ancient to postmodern times are readily available in numerous nearby museums such as the Museum of Fine Arts and the Menil Collection. Moreover, the University of St. Thomas’s partnership with the Allbritton Art Institute provides opportunities for credit-bearing Study Abroad course to study original Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art.

Art History courses acquaint students with past and contemporary cultures through objects and monuments, thereby allowing them to gain an understanding of technology and creativity. Our program guides students to think and communicate critically about history and its influence on the present, understanding the relationship between abstract concepts and their tangible expressions. Because art history is interdisciplinary our BA in Liberal Arts, with a concentration in Art History, equips students who plan to pursue graduate degrees in art history or careers in museum, cultural heritage, and other related fields.

Courses in Art History may be taken for credit as:

One of the components in the program of the liberal arts or general studies major (30 hours required): at least 15 upper–division credit hours in a primary area of concentration, at least 9 -92 upper–division credit hours in a secondary area of concentration. A minor field (18 credit hours with at least 9 upper– division credit hours). The Fine Arts requirement for the core curriculum (limited to ARTHI. 1350, 1370, 2351/3351, or 2352/3352).

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